1. How can I get a UMass license plate?
    The UMass license plate is now available to the public online through the MassDOT website and at local MassDOT RMV branchesThe plate is not available at the following RMV branches: Attleboro, Natick and all AAA locations, as these branches are not full service locations.
  2. What information do I need to order a plate? 

     Driver's License #

     Current Registration Plate #

     Registration Expiration
    All information, including the driver's license number and vehicle registration information, must match the current plate holder of the vehicle.
  3. Do I need to be an alumnus/alumna to get a plate?
  4. No, the UMass plate is available to all Massachusetts residents with a valid driver's license and registered vehicle.
  5. How much does a UMass special license plate cost?
  6. Costs include a $40 special plate fee and a swap fee of $20; $28 of the initial order and $40 with each renewal is tax-deductible!
  7. How often are special plates renewed?
    License plates are renewed every two years with the special plate fee of $40 added to your regular renewal cost.
  8. How will the special plate benefit UMass?
    Proceeds from the special plate fee support scholarships and programs provided by the Alumni Association that advance UMass Amherst. You also raise the profile of UMass Amherst around the nation and increase pride and loyalty!
  9. How much of the special plate fee goes to fund scholarships and programs?
    The Alumni Association receives over half the $40 fee with the first order ($28) and the entire $40 upon each renewal to support scholarships and programs.
  10. Is the special plate fee tax-deductible?
    Yes, $28 is tax-deductible with your first-time order and the entire $40 special plate fee is deductible with each renewal.
  11. Can I select my plate number?
    No, plate numbers are randomly assigned to each applicant.
  12. Can I purchase a UMass plate for a leased vehicle?
  13. Yes, plates for leased vehicles can be purchased at your local full service RMV branch.
  14. Is the UMass plate available outside of Massachusetts?
    At this time the UMass special license plate is only available to Massachusetts residents.
  15. Is the UMass plate available for motorcycles or commercial vehicles?
    Special plates are available for Massachusetts passenger cars but not for motorcycles or commercial vehicles.
  16. How can I get more information?
    Contact the Alumni Association at or call 800-456-UMASS.