By Wayne Schofield ’85, Co-founder and COO of Night and Day Resume

What would a decision maker tell you to get your resume noticed and land your dream job? The countdown is on with these five must-haves for your resume, your attitude and your interview.

5 – That’s the number of years your degree stays towards the top of your resume. Put the great GPA in, and leave it there forever, but the education section of your resume is helping you get in the door for the first five years only. After that, it’s important, but not more important than the experience you have gained since graduating.

4 – This is the number of seconds it will take a recruiter to determine if your resume is worth additional time. In four seconds any quality recruiter can tell if you have the experience needed to warrant additional time for a more detailed review. Make your four seconds work for you with a great summary, including an objective and keep it short - no longer than four lines, or you will lose your audience.

3 – The number of bullets you should include on your cover letter. Three bullets should be included on your cover letter to make the best impression, and they should be focused on the specific job to which you are applying. If you only have two strong points, then just use the two, but that number was taken.

2 – This is the number of people conducting the interview. You, as the candidate, are doing as much interviewing as the hiring manager, so use your time wisely and do your homework. Engage in a two-way conversation with the hiring manager and they will be impressed. I’m not saying monopolize the conversation, and you must consider the interview format, but if the floor is open, then make it yours!

1 – Great big smile. Whether you are speaking with the receptionist, the hiring manager or someone setting up the interview…on the phone or at an in person interview…wear a smile on your face. It comes through over the phone and in person. It’s much nicer speaking with a pleasant person. Don’t make it a fake, plastic smilejust be in a good mood and bring your best you to the interview. If you were stuck in traffic, they messed up your coffee order or if your dog barfed all night the night before, leave it behind and get on with the task at hand, which is winning that job…with a smile!

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