Entrepreneurial, thought-leaders, tech savvy, philanthropic, global – these are just a few of the terms used to describe our UMass Amherst graduates of the last decade or GOLD for short.  These impressive young alumni are an important part of our UMass family and a valued resource in helping to inform Alumni Association programs and services.

The GOLD Council was formed to foster a meaningful, lifelong connection with alumni who graduated within the past 10 years as well as to advise and support communications and programming strategies targeted to this demographic.

Alex Hoyo ’09, ’12 MEd of Northampton, MA is enthusiastic about the future and how the GOLD Council can contribute to campus.  “I joined the council because it seemed like an excellent opportunity to provide insight as to what young alumni are looking for in their Alumni Association," says Hoyo.  “I look forward to helping establish a framework for future programming and engagement opportunities for fellow alumni who are as passionate about their University as I am.”

“I joined the GOLD Council to feel more connected to UMass,” says Stephanie Anjos ’14 of Worcester, MA.  “I’m excited to be part of this initiative ensuring that young alumni stay connected with the university and with each other.”

Members of the inaugural GOLD Council were recruited through grassroots efforts including recommendations from university staff and alumni volunteers.  The current council is comprised of 15 members, including two student representatives.  Sara Hickey ’17, president of the UMass Amherst Student Alumni Association says, “As a student representative on the GOLD Council, I am able to keep young alumni updated with the current events on campus. This builds an important bridge between current students and young alumni, which helps to improve our university more and more each day.  I couldn’t be more excited to be part of such an important program!” 

The GOLD Council will represent a variety of professions, industries and regions from around the country.  Current members are based in Greater Boston, Pioneer Valley, Worcester, New York City and Washington, DC with plans to expand to include Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, and California’s Bay Area alumni.  This diversity will ensure that young alumni with varying interests truly have a voice when planning campus traditions and new off-campus events.

Many council members are already involved with university initiatives including student mentoring programs, the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors and programs within their former academic departments.  Each member of the council has been actively engaged with campus by offering internships for UMass students at their companies, serving as guest speakers for programs and volunteering with their respective regional networks. 

“When looking for the inaugural council, we had very specific criteria and each of these members fulfilled that list to the highest extent,” says Nicole Young, assistant director for young alumni and constituent programs, who manages the group.  “During the recruiting process, I looked for young alumni who had expressed a deep love for our campus and who strategically stayed connected to the university.  I’m looking forward to further engaging these members as they have demonstrated their drive and enthusiasm through the work they’ve already done.”

The Alumni Association will begin looking to expand the council in the upcoming year.  The desired candidate has strong experience as a student leader and is very active in their community.  The nomination and application process will be open from mid-January through mid-March with new members beginning their post in early June.  To volunteer with the GOLD Council or to make a recommendation, please contact Nicole Young at