The Alumni Advisor Network continues to grow with over 800 advisors and more than 500 advice seekers connecting in support of career development.

Check out these quick tips to increase your profile visibility and further inform those seeking your expertise. More students and alumni are signing on daily to connect with advisors just like you!

Profile Optimization Checklist

  • Add a profile photo. Visual branding is important and your photo adds to your overall presence on the platform. Your photo helps you build a relationship with potential advisees before they ever contact you. Avoid group photos, photos at social events, pets – a simple headshot is best.
  • Write your headline. You can complete the profile set-up without the headline, but this is the #1 place to build in keywords to help advice seekers find you. Your headline may be your job title and company or it may be a descriptive statement about what you do that incorporates relevant keywords.
  • Add your education. It may seem obvious, but please be sure to include your UMass Amherst degree(s) in your education section. Feel free to include additional degrees from other institutions, as this can help advice seekers looking for graduate school information to find your profile.
  • Write your summary. If you synced your profile with LinkedIn, this section may have automatically populated or it may be blank. It’s worth reviewing because your summary area offers the perfect area to build in keywords. Include terms that advice seekers might be searching, including your field of study, industries you’ve worked in, current and previous job functions, credentials & certifications, competencies, details about your career path and more.
  • Select your industries and job functions. For each position you’ve held, the system requires that you choose an industry and job function. You may find that the listing of industries and job functions doesn’t match your actual work. Never fear! You can describe the experience in detail (see below). By selecting from the most relevant options from the drop-down menus, your profile will appear in search results when advisees filter by industry or job function.
  • Describe your experience. Review the descriptions of your experience and use the opportunity to add in more keywords to increase your visibility. This is especially important if the available industries and job functions don’t closely align with your position.
  • Select the services you offer. Your services will be grouped according to job function (i.e. strategy/planning), and available services include career conversations, resume reviews and mock interviews. If multiple job functions seem closely aligned with your expertise, feel free to add additional services within second or third functions.
  • Describe the services you offer. You’re very nearly done completing your profile optimization. The last step is to add in descriptions of the services you offer. Your description might be something simple. For mock interviews, you might note how many candidates you’ve interviewed in the past ten years, for example. You may also choose to build out the descriptions to include more information about your career path or the types of content you’re able to advise on.
  • Set your availability. Posting your general availability doesn’t obligate you to accept future requests, but it does help advice seekers know when you would be most likely to accept a consultation request.

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