Career Counselors

Our alumni career professionals offer a variety of advice ranging from resume reviews and mock interviews to life coaching and specialty advice for specific fields. Read their biographies to learn more about their backgrounds, services and discounted rates for UMass Amherst alumni, then reach out to them directly via their contact information.

Bill Bean '70, '75 MS    |    Lee, MA

“Spending time now to define what success looks like for your career or business will make every decision simpler and will take you on the most direct path to where you want to be.”

Entrepreneurship, Green Careers

Susan Callender '86    |    Boston, MA

“Etiquette is a necessary spoke in the umbrella of business skills.”

Business Etiquette, Social/Emotional Intelligence

David Machowski '94 MEd    |    Amherst, MA

“Developing your personal brand is an important step in marketing yourself in today’s competitive job market.”

Recent Graduates, Millennials

Bob McIntosh '87, '96 MA    |    Lowell, MA

“A strong LinkedIn profile is a very powerful tool to advance your career.”

LinkedIn Strategy, Mock Interviews

Wayne Schofield '85    |    Londonderry, NH

“Hiring managers aren’t looking for resumes with flashy design. They are looking for good structure, format and organization.”

Resumes, Interview Preparation

Marci Shaffer '85    |     Natick, MA

“Get Focused. Lead with your strengths. Move ahead.”

Strengths Focus, Asperger's Syndrome & Related Disorders