The UMass Amherst Alumni Advisor Network is a powerful new online platform that facilitates one-to-one career conversations among UMass Amherst students and alumni.

Three Ways You Can Share Your Expertise

Career Conversations
Share your industry
expertise and knowledge
Resume Critiques
Offer feedback from a hiring manager’s point of view
Mock Interviews
Provide practice for the
big interview

How It Works

Complete the online form or connect your account to your LinkedIn profile to streamline the process. Once entered, all your personal contact information will remain private.

Select Your Availability
A convenient calendar tool allows you to identify when you’re available to offer advice. Set your profile to “active” or “inactive” based on your schedule.

Share Your Expertise
Once a student selects your profile, the Alumni Advisor Network will take it from there—from scheduling the phone or online meeting to collecting feedback following the consultation.

Who Can Join

All UMass Amherst alumni are eligible and encouraged to volunteer as Alumni Advisors. By sharing your expertise and knowledge with current students, recent grads and fellow alumni, you’re strengthening the global network of UMass Amherst alumni.

Make a Difference By Sharing Your Experience. It's Easy.

As an Alumni Advisor, you can share your experience with students and recent grads, and give them the advice you wish you’d had.

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