Minuteman Marching Band

The Minuteman Marching Band has long been a source of pride for UMass Amherst and the surrounding region. At every home football game, the “Power and Class” performs its traditional Postgame Show for thousands of enthusiastic dedicated fans, who don’t leave the stadium until the last note.

View the Minuteman Marching Band perform with alumni Stephen Kellogg ’98, Keith “Kit” Karlson ’98, and Brian “Boots” Factor ’01, a.k.a. Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, on their album, 'The Bear.' The band shot the video for their hit single, “Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts” here at UMass Amherst!

When Twilight Shadows Deepen
(UMass Amherst alma mater)

When twilight shadows deepen
and the study hour draws nigh,
When shades of night are falling
and the evening breezes sigh,
'Tis then we love to gather
'Neath the pale moon's sil'very spell.
And lift our hearts and voices,
in the songs we love so well.

Sons of old Massachusetts,
Devoted daughters true:
Baystate, ol' Baystate,
We'll give our best to you.
Thee, our Alma Mater,
We'll cherish for all time.
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
Massachusetts, yours and mine.

– Fred D. Griggs, Class of 1913

Sons of Old Massachusetts
Bay State’s loyal sons are we;
In her praise our song shall be,
Till we make the welkin ring,
With our chorus as we sing,
With the tribute that we bring.
Holyoke’s hills prolong the strain,
Echoing to our glad refrain,
And the gentle winds proclaim
Far and near thy peerless fame,
Praising e’er thine honored name;

Loyal sons of old Massachusetts,
Faithful, sturdy sons and true,
To our grand old Alma Mater,
Let our song resound anew.
Cheer, boys, cheer for old Massachusetts,
Give our college three times three!
Sons forever of the Old Bay State,
Loyal sons, loyal sons are we.

- H.L Knight, Class of 1902
This song was the University's unofficial alma mater from 1902 to 1962. In 1962, "When Twlight Shadows Deepen" became the official alma mater for UMass Amherst.

UMass Fight Song
Fight, fight Massachusetts,
Fight, fight every play,
Fight, fight for a touchdown,
Fight all your might today.

Fight down the field Massachusetts,
The stars and the stripes will gleam,
Fight, Fight for old Bay State,
Fight for the team, team, team.

– Captain Edwin Sumner, military instructor, spring 1930

Cheer for UMass / Roll Down the Field
Here we go, Here we go, Go UMass
Go ----------- Go U
Fight ------- UMass
Go, Go, Fight, Fight, Win, Win – Go UMass

Verse 1
Cheer for UMass
Show your Strength Show your Power and Class
Lets Cheer for the Past
Minutemen had pride, guts and glory
So Cheer Massachusetts
Show them how to FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT
With fierce Loyalty, Massachusetts we cheer for thee
- written by George Parks, 2005

Verse 2
Roll Down the Field
Take that ball, give your all, never yield.
Let’s Roll up the score
Let the foe, really know, what we’re here for
Let’s crash through that line and,
Show them how to FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT
And until victory’s sealed
Massachusetts roll down the field.
- written in 1964