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piggy bankit

Piggy BankIt Roundups

Friday, September 28 from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., outside Memorial Hall

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Get your own Phil A. Pig!

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What is Piggy BankIt?
Piggy Bankit is about students supporting the UMass Amherst community. By saving extra change—in your very own Phil A. Pig— and contributing to the university, you’re helping to support a scholarship fund that will benefit current students, while showing your UMass Amherst pride!

How does Piggy BankIt work?
As you “feed” Phil A. Pig throughout the semester with your loose change, or even a buck or two, you can bring your monies to Piggy BankIt Roundups to help build the Piggy BankIt scholarship fund. Your extra change can add up to big dollars!

Why should I participate?
Feeding Phil A. Pig and participating in Piggy BankIt is a fun and painless way to give a little something back in a feel good, philanthropic way to your soon-to-be alma mater. Participation gives you the chance to be an active participant in your campus community.

How do I get Phil A. Pig?
You can get your Phil A. Pig in the Annual Fund office in Memorial Hall or throughout the year at Piggy BankIt Roundups.

How much are the Piggy BankIt scholarships?
The number and size of scholarships depends on participation. The more students who give back, the more money raised, and the more scholarships we can award.

Why does UMass need contributions?
Tuition only covers a portion of the university’s annual budget, with state funding providing an additional 18%. The rest comes from grants, licensing fees, and generous donors who want to support UMass Amherst and the Alumni Association. Giving back to UMass and investing in the Alumni Association is part of a tradition of pride in the past, present and future of your alma mater!

Contributions to UMass Amherst support world-class teaching, research, and learning opportunities.

Investments in the Alumni Association sustain student programs, events, and scholarships that enhance student life, learning, and career development opportunities.